Sander van Rijsoort

Senior Front-end Developer

Sander van Rijsoort
Total time coded since Jun 28 2021


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Dec, 2021-Feb, 2022
Freelance Vue.js DeveloperBitfactory

Digital agency Bitfactory from Rotterdam has aksed me to work on one of their projects, called NRVT. It stands for "Nederlands Register Vastgoed Taxateurs". The organisation was founded to manage all taxers of property within the Netherlands. The CRM they are using to manage their relations, is being build by Bitfactory and was needed to finish their front-end. The front-end I worked on is using TypeScript, Nuxt (Vue.js), Vuex and PostCSS for styling.

Oct, 2021-Jun, 2022
Senior Front-End Engineer (React)Wunderman Thompson Commerce

Ted Baker

Since 25 October 2021 I have been working as a contractor for the client Wunderman Thompson Commerce. They have multiple clients in their portfolio, but I have been responsible for working on the Ted Baker account.

Ted Baker is a famous luxurious retail brand within the United Kingdom. They hired me for the checkout flow of the new Ted Baker website. The stack consists of Next.js (React), Redux, SCSS and extensive unit testing with Jest and Enzyme. The checkout is being used by 1.5 million users worldwide annually.


After the Ted Baker project, I was placed working on the new webshop for DFS. They are a furniture brand with over more than 200 shops in the UK, the Netherlands and Spain. The tech for this webshop is Next.js (React), Redux Thunk, Material UI and for testing purposes React Testing Library and Jest is being used.

Apr, 2021-Nov, 2021
Freelance React DeveloperGrowyze

Growyze is a startup for inventory management app for your bar or pub that handles everything from ordering and invoice reconciliation to stock and waste management.

Technologies used: React, Gatsby, TailwindCSS

Apr, 2021-Nov, 2021
Freelance Vue.js is a startup that provides a transparent platform where people can find, connect and talk to breeders directly. Building the insights dashboard for Also have been helping with building the new front-end for their platform.

Technologies used: VueJS, Vuex, TailwindCSS, Strapi

Feb, 2021-Jun, 2021
Front-end developer (React)Luggage Care

At Luggage Care, I have been responsible for the front-end of the platform. GoLuggo is part of Luggage Care and is a small startup, which tries to eliminate the pain of carrying around luggage when you are travelling. Your luggage is being checked in at your door and will be delivered at your destination: no need to carry heavy bags around while travelling.

In the last few months, I have been working mostly on the platform. The most important feature of this platform, is the booking flow: customers can make a reservation here. The platform is built with React, Redux Saga, Styled Components and MaterialUI. Together with the development team of Luggage Care, we have been working according to the SCRUM methodology. In the near future, we will developing a mobile-app for Luggo passengers with React-Native. More information about this later.

Technologies used: React, Redux Saga, Styled Components, MaterialUI, Git

Oct, 2019-Feb, 2021
Front-end developer (React)Incentro

During my time at Incentro I have worked on several projects as a front-end developer.

The scientists of the University of Leiden wanted to have a platform to upload videos/lectures about new findings within their research field. I helped building the front-end with React and TypeScript. The content is from Strapi, an open-source Node.js CMS.

More information...

Technologies used: React (Next.js), TypeScript, Rest, Strapi, Node.js, Git, SCSS

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the national holiday Kingsday was cancelled and the Royal House of the Netherlands wanted to build a platform to host videos on. I was part of the team and responsible for the front-end of the platform. As a highlight of this project, I was personally thanked by King Willem-Alexander himself.

More information...

Technologies used: React (Next.js), Git, SCSS

Incentro CV Creator

Employees of Incentro can easily edit their CV with the CV creator 2.0 I have build.

Technologies used: React (Gatsby), Git, SCSS

Velocity demo webshop

For our partner Commercetools, we have build a demo storefront for e-bikes. Together with other junior developers, we worked in sprints to learn how to work agile and to learn Vue.js

More information...

Technologies used: Vue.js, Vuex, Git

Oct, 2013-Now
Internet entrepreneurSanvar

As a student I started out with repairing iPhone screens and later also starting a webshop in iPhone parts. Current activities under my company name:

Affiliate/e-commerce websites

Buying and managing profitable affiliates websites, as well as webshops. Currently owner of: - affiliate directory for bathroom supplier - affiliate content website for luggage and travelling

My goal for these websites, is building a monthly passive income. All operating activities for these websites are being outsourced by other companies. Always looking to buy new affiliate websites or webshops.

After doing some research, I concluded that many small-midsized construction companies in the Netherlands have an outdated website or no website at all. To deliver a quick, responsive, clean website, I have built my own custom theme with Wordpress, PHP and Javascript. Client can easily edit their own pages with drag-n-drop editor and upload new projects with photo's with this software.

Check out the landing page...

Mafia Go (on-hold)

Together with a friend from the university, we decided to build our own mobile-game. Without any programming experience, we have build Mafia Go in the last two years with Unity, C# and Firebase as back-end. For now we have ceased all work for Mafia Go, as we think we need an investment and a bigger team to develop this game according to our ideas and make this game a success.


May, 2020-May, 2020
Fundamentals + Advanced React TrainingReact/GraphQL Academy

I have been following an extensive course for React during my time at Incentro. This course was given by Alex Lobera and I have been granted a certificate for the Basic + Fundamentals React training.

Link to certificate

Oct, 2019-Dec, 2019
Young Professional Academy (YPA) Incentro

I have completed the “Young Professional Academy” trajectory. The “YPA” is a mini-traineeship for a month, in which you get prepared to be an IT consultant through soft- and hard skills trainings. During the YPA, I have completed the Javascript track with success.


Jan, 2017-Sep, 2018
MSc Strategic EntrepreneurshipErasmus University Rotterdam (RSM)

Master focused on entrepreneurship and conceptually understanding adding value and with the use of the “Business Model Canvas” exploiting this value. Thesis “An explorative study: how do family firms differentiate in innovation efficiency?” successfully completed with a 7. Publication can be found here:

Sep, 2011-Dec, 2016
BSc Business AdministrationErasmus University Rotterdam (RSM)

Bachelor Business Administration succesfully completed with an average of a 6,8. This bachelor is aimed on every aspect of business. Bachelor thesis ”Sharing a coke - Does it taste better together?" successfully finished with 7.