Sander van Rijsoort

Senior Front-end Developer

Sander van Rijsoort
Total time coded since Jun 28 2021

PuppyPlaza Platform

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Project date09 August, 2021 - 31 March, 2022

PuppyPlaza is a startup that is making the trade in puppies transparant worldwide. Nowadays, a lot of breeders of puppies do their operations in an illegal way. With their platform, PuppyPlaza wants to make buying a puppy easy, transparant and fair.

I was asked to build an Insights Dashboard for the salesteam. With the dashboard they have a better understanding of their customers. Also worked on some tickets for their new platform.

To speed up development, I have added a beginning developer friend of mine to the project. The last few months I have been mentoring him into the field of front-end development.