Sander van Rijsoort

Senior Front-end Developer

Sander van Rijsoort
Total time coded since Jun 28 2021

Nederlands Register Vastgoed Taxateurs

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Project date06 December, 2021 - 31 January, 2022

Digital agency Bitfactory from Rotterdam has aksed me to work on one of their projects, called NRVT. It stands for "Nederlands Register Vastgoed Taxateurs". The organisation was founded to manage all taxers of property within the Netherlands. The CRM they are using to manage their relations, is being build by Bitfactory and was needed to finish their front-end. The front-end I worked on is using TypeScript, Nuxt (Vue.js), Vuex and PostCSS for styling.

“This was our first project with Sander. He joined our front-end developer team in the middle of an ongoing project within an existing multidisciplinary team. Sander knew how to manoeuvre well within the existing team and quickly made the project his own. Sander keeps his promises and is well-informed about the latest developments and best practices in Javascript and Nuxt.”

- Johannes Hartman, Owner @ Bitfactory