Sander van Rijsoort

Senior Front-end Developer

Sander van Rijsoort
Total time coded since Jun 28 2021

CZ Vergoedingsservice

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Project date14 March, 2022 - 31 January, 2023

I was responsible for building a platform using React, TypeScript, and SCSS for CZ Verzekeringen. In parallel with this development work, I also helped to build a design system for future applications at the company.

The platform I built using React was a single-page application, which allowed for a smooth and seamless user experience as users navigated through the various pages and features of the platform. I used TypeScript to add static typing to the codebase, which helped to catch bugs early on and improve the overall reliability and maintainability of the platform.

In addition to the development work, I also contributed to the development of a comprehensive design system for CZ Verzekeringen. This design system served as a guide for future development projects at the company, ensuring that all applications followed a consistent style and design language. The design system included components and guidelines for layout, typography, color, and other design elements, and was built to be flexible and adaptable to a variety of different use cases.

Overall, this was a challenging and rewarding project that allowed me to utilize my skills in React, TypeScript, and SCSS to build a high-quality platform for CZ Verzekeringen, while also contributing to the development of a comprehensive design system for the company's future projects.